How to Fight Back Against Age-Related Health Changes

While not everybody experiences a decline in health with age, many of us do. Whether it’s something as simple as a touch of arthritis in the knees or a more serious issue, there are things we can do to feel better regardless of the number of years under our belts. At BeFit Chiro, we understand fully the desire to feel as vibrant as possible, and we strive to help people achieve that vibrance through a variety of services. If you’re still struggling with fighting back against age-related changes, we want to help, and we invite you to be on the lookout for the following concerns as you enter your sixth decade and beyond.


Arthritis is not a disease, per se, but a general term used to describe aches and pains in the joints. As we age, we can experience one of the more than 100 different types of arthritis (which are broken out into four categories). The Arthritis Foundation explains that joint stiffness and range of motion issues can be mild to severe. However, a few lifestyle changes may help. One of these is to focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods like olive oil and salmon. Further, making sleep a priority can help ease some of your aches and pains. Exercise and stress management also play a key role in keeping your condition under control.

Back Pain

Like arthritis, back pain is a common complaint, especially among seniors. There are many causes of spinal discomfort, including a herniated disc and more serious issues, such as spinal stenosis. One of the most common culprits, however, is sleeping on a bad mattress. Unfortunately, back pain and sleep deprivation have a reciprocal relationship, with each making the other worse — and sleeping on the wrong mattress can heighten either issue. When you suffer from back pain, spend some time evaluating your personal sleep style. You may need to try a few different mattress brands before you find something that works for you. In addition to replacing your mattress, consider regular chiropractic treatments to help relieve your back pain. 

Heart Disease

It’s no secret that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Unfortunately, as we age, fat, calcium, and cholesterol tend to accumulate in our main arteries, which route blood directly to the heart. OnHealth explains that smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are a few conditions that increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease. Fortunately, taking control of any of these can lower your risk. For the most part, staying physically active, eating a healthy diet, and stopping bad habits (e.g. smoking, drinking, etc.) are all relatively simple ways to take control of your overall health.


Elmcroft explains that pneumonia, which is a lung infection, tends to affect older adults. Causes vary, but a weakened immune system, heart disease, or an inability to clear the lungs effectively are all potentially to blame. Unfortunately, pneumonia can develop from a number of conditions, including the flu and the common cold. It may not be possible to prevent all instances of pneumonia. However, the good news is that simple steps such as avoiding sick people, paying attention to your oral health, and reducing mold, dust, and mildew throughout your home can lower your risk.


Late-onset depression is a mental health disorder that can creep up on you when you least expect it. Seniors often experience depression as they watch their family and social network, as well as their income, dwindle away. Keeping up with your physical health can give you a mental health boost, but you should also prioritize spending time with loved ones. If you begin to notice that you’re not taking interest in keeping up your home, spending time with the grandkids, or doing your favorite activities, consider talking to a therapist, who can help you over the hurdle.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Physical activity is hands down one of the best ways to fight back against age-related health changes. Incorporating fitness into your everyday routine can pay off with lower blood pressure, better sleep, a smaller waistline and fewer aches and pains. 

If working out is a whole new world for you, start small and go slow. Depending on your fitness level, consider working with a personal trainer. You can also supplement your training here through a variety of online exercise classes that fit your schedule. For an extra dose of motivation, why not splurge on new sneakers or activewear? When you find Lululemon coupons or Nike promotions, you can outfit yourself comfortably without busting your budget. 

Age does not have to be an unsettling experience. Although we can’t stop the clock from turning our hair silver or putting a few wrinkles on our faces, we can choose to live a healthy lifestyle, which will enhance the quality of the years we have by staving off some health conditions.

BeFit Chiro is here to help you live as pain free a life as possible. Through a variety of services, we can help you find your stride without medication. Reach out today to find out more about our treatment options!

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